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Looking for the perfect academic graduation gift?
Need a spare tassel to go with an old graduation gown?


This page contains information on individual graduation tassels plus graduation gift items such as jumbo tassels, keychain tassels, mortarboards, honor stoles and honor chords and graduation gifts items.



cap and gown



Most of our cap and gown sets already include the cap (mortarboard) and tassels at no extra charge.


Additional caps and/or tassels may be ordered at the same time as you purchase caps and gowns, or separately.


Listed below is the price for academic caps and tassels. The caps are the one size fits all mortarboard. The tassel is the regular tassel (the kind that comes in the cap and gown set), with your choice of all one color, or two-tone mix.


Mortarboards with academic tassels (but no gown) $15.75 ea
Mortarboards by themselves(no caps) $12.50 ea
Academic Tassels by themselves 12 or more $ 4.75 ea
Individual Tasselsless than 12$ 6.75 ea

<12 units, please also add $5.00 small order charge
>100 units, discount above prices by 10%

There is no extra charge for two-tone tassels.
There is no extra charge for year dates (i.e. 2006) on the tassels.


Special tassels are also available (minimum 12 pieces - special order):


graduation gifts


graduation cap
KEY CHAIN tassels (single or two tone) $6.75 ea  JUMBO tassels (single or two-tone) $8.75 ea



Additional academic accessories and graduation gifts


academic regalia


cap and gown

Honor Stoles

IN STOCK in Gold (no minimum)

$15.85 as shown above with "Honor" imprinted.

$12.85 no imprinting (blank)

other than gold - special order / minumum 12 units



Honor Chords


IN STOCK in Gold (no minimum)@$8.75

other than gold - special order / minumum 12 units




academic gifts honor stoles


academic gift honor chords


academic tassels and graduation caps



Diploma Covers ariving soon


To order your graduation cap and gown accessories, fax - write - call - or email us with the following information:




Ship-to address (some people prefer us to ship to their school, if they won't be home during the day ... up to you)

Tel # day & evening (in case we have questions)

Email and/or Fax #(same reason, and to confirm receipt of order)

Items needed /Colors needed / Quantity (per color)

Payment information. For orders within USA we accept checks and/or most credit cards. For international orders, we may require more information. If paying by credit card, please do not include credit card number in email. Instead include a telephone number on your email where we can call you back.

Date needed?





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